Important Notice!

To Our Dear Customers,

Crêpes 'n' Crêpes is back!!!

We invite you to join us as the new dine-in experience begins. Please be patient with us as regulations continue to change. As updates occur we will inform team members quickly in effort to provide the best service.

Our team is putting the safety of customers and staff as top priority. We ask you to also be mindful of social distancing, hand washing and respect of life. Wearing a mask while entering and ordering is required by city and staff policy.

Take out and delivery a must for anyone with symptoms. We all must stick together, following guidelines for healthy interactions is a great way to be supportive.

To aid social distancing we have approved spacing between tables, direction of travel clearly marked and are happy to answer any questions.


Eat. Drink. Relax.


Savory Entrée Crêpes


Sweet Dessert Crêpes


Opening Hours

Dine In

  •  Sunday 8:30AM - 3PM

  • Monday 8:30AM - 3PM

  • Tuesday 8:30AM - 10PM

  • Wednesday 8:30AM - 10PM

  • Thursday 8:30AM - 10PM

  • Friday 8:30AM - 11PM

  • Saturday 8:30AM - 11PM


Contact Us

2816 E 3rd ave, Denver CO 80206



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